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Electrical Inspection Condition Report  (EICR)​​

All electrical installations deteriorate with age and use, should therefore be inspected and tested at regular intervals to check whether they are in a satisfactory condition for continued use. Such safety checks are commonly referred to as 'Periodic or Condition Report'. 

Selling a property , strongly recommend getting an Electricial Inspection a.s.a.p, you will find the last week before signing papers the buyers solicitor will ask for a (EICR), it's a common move of late, so then the buyer can have the upperhand to get yourselves to reduce the asking price. (be one move ahead)

Buying a property, get your own Electrical Inspection carried out a.s.a.p, could find the property you have your heart set on has many electrical issues.
Average rewire could cost £3500+ (plus plastering and decorating costs) 

Landlords, you are require by law to keep your tenants safe, for a small initial fee could save you £ in the future. (smoke alarms + Co2 alarms very important for the wise landlords)

Average Electrical Inspection Costs £135
over 14 circuits, additional £10 per circuit.

( a qualified electrician will check property , power will be turned off, every circuit will be fully tested and inspected, and a certificate will be issued at end of inspection)(will either be satisfactory or unsatisfactory and any defect will be explained)( duration of time looking at 30 mins per circuit)
Issues to look out for when carrying out an Electrical Inspection.

A) Fuse boards/Consumer units, 15th edition boards these boards are old and don't give much protection as the new 17th Amd 3 or RCBO boards, as an electrician i can only strongly advise to replace the old style consumer units,(unless the board has a wooden backed structure, then requires replacing), the new consumer units protect cable, property and person from electrical faults.
B) Earth bonding & tails, if your supply-cut-out-fuse is 100amps then the main earth required 16mm & 25mm tails.
Gas, Water, Oil, require 10mm earth. (needs to be mechanical protected)
C) Visual of property, looking for any broken sockets, switches, holes where fingers can get electric shocks, cables below 2.2m require mechanical protection, correct gear for the correct enviroment ( waterproof sockets, switches, lights, enclosures outside or in bathroom), firerated downlights, cables in loft to see if any signs of over heating (halogen lamps cause many faulty issues and 12v transformers) isolators for equipment, looking for smoke alarms & Co2 alarms, to many extention leads.....
D) Visual in consumer unit, any signs of over heating, correct cable size for mcb protection, is board ideal for use of property, is there enough circuits for use of property.
E) Test each circuit seperatly, assessing visually & assessing readings.
F) Fill out certificate and explain to customer conclusion ( satisfactory or unsatisfactory).

Please note: Any defects can be carried out by one of our qualified electricians, after an agreed quote.


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